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The rise of the gig economy has provided more opportunities for writers to profit while working remotely. Whether you’re looking to launch a writing career, supplement your income or increase your earning potential by writing for high-paying, big-name brands, this is the only resource you need.

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— 25 websites that provide regular work for writers
— Sites that pay up to $800 per article, $70 per hour and $1.75 per word
— In-depth overviews providing insight into each opportunity
— Links to the websites, so you can easily apply to work from home jobs that pay weekly via check, PayPal or direct deposit

Perfect for:

— Established freelance writers who want to earn big by writing for large brands
— Full-time writers in search of regular remote work
— People looking to earn extra income, make money blogging, build a portfolio and establish a writing career
— People with writing skills who want to supplement their income with well-paying part-time work at home jobs or side hustle gigs.

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Today’s digital marketing companies allow you to make money online with more than one type of work from home job opportunity involving some type of freelance writing. Unlike ordinary passive income books, affiliate marketing guides, home business books, new career books, resume guides and blog writing books; this resource includes:

An actual list of websites that pay you to write

Whether you’re looking for side hustle income, home business ideas or high-paying work from home job ideas that allow you to monetize your writing skills, get this book. If you’re looking to make a career change, get paid more for your writing or earn extra income, this resource is for you. Learn where and how to make money blogging, working as a ghost writer and more.