Remote Copywriter needed at Go Fish Digital

Go Fish Digital Seeks a Copywriting Connoisseur for a Remote Writing Odyssey

Elevate Your Craft in a World of Words

Go Fish Digital beckons the artisans of articulation to join our growing cadre of content creators. With a reach that spans the virtual cosmos, we navigate through a spectrum of subjects, eagerly seeking a digital content writer who can anchor their thoughts into written masterpieces, from fitness frontiers to financial forays.

Work Benefits: Crafting Your Ideal Workspace

  • Health Insurance: A safety net for your peace of mind.
  • Work from Home Opportunities: Flexibility to draft your narratives from wherever you feel most inspired.

Your Charter: Master of Written Realms

As a Full-time Creative Writer:

  • Utilize SEO prowess with tools like Ahrefs and Moz to create content that resonates and ranks.
  • Shape content narratives in WordPress, adorning your text with visual flair.

As a Detail-Oriented Editor:

  • Polish manuscripts, ensuring each sentence flows with grammatical precision.

As an SEO Strategist:

  • Enhance content with optimized practices, aiming for Google’s golden ranks.

“A great resource for anyone who needs work that pays well.” — HBC Book Reviews (Sponsored)

As an Adaptive Voice for Diverse Brands:

  • Tune your tone to echo the voice of our varied clientele.

As an Intrepid Problem Solver:

  • Employ resourcefulness to conquer any content-related quests.

Your Craft and Talents:

We seek those with:

  • A degree tailored for the written craft (English, Journalism, Communication, History, etc.).
  • Familiarity with the digital quill, WordPress preferred.
  • A social media sage, versed in the waves of online trends.

Aspiring or Experienced Writers:

  • Whether you’re eyeing entry-level writing jobs or carry an anthology of experience, we welcome your application.

Portfolio of Web Writings:

  • Present your digital scrolls—blogs, articles, or web pages you’ve enchanted with your words.

Team Collaborator and Solitary Scribe:

  • Sail solo or join forces with our crew, bringing forth a bounty of ideas.

Bonus Talents:

  • Previous voyages with SEO or content tools like Moz or SEMrush are a plus.

Setting Sail on Your Application Adventure:

Treasure Map to Joining:

  • A resume and one-page cover letter detailing your writing odyssey.
  • Your expected treasure (salary expectations) clearly marked.

Crafting Your Application Vessel:

  • Combine documents into a single scroll if the platform demands it.
  • Display samples of past conquests—links embedded in your resume will suffice.

The Cover Letter Compass:

  • It’s more than a mere formality; it’s your first salvo in this engagement.

Navigating ‘Quick Apply’ Shores:

  • Double-check all details for completeness; missed coordinates could lead you astray.

Precision and Meticulousness:

  • This is your stage to showcase meticulous attention to detail.

Our Home Port:

A Hybrid Haven:

  • Raleigh, NC, serves as our flagship’s moor, with options to engage in person or remotely within the U.S. (EST).

A Convivial Crew Awaits:

Benefits and Balance:

  • Substantial health benefits with the flexibility to mesh life and work harmoniously.

Inclusivity on Deck:

  • We champion diversity and inclusivity, believing each unique voice strengthens our collective voyage.

Embark on this remote content writing job brimming with freelance SEO article writing potential and part-time copywriting explorations. With Go Fish Digital, your career as a digital content writer awaits, full of promise and the freedom to create from any port you call home. Cast off into this opportunity where your talents will navigate new frontiers and where every word counts.



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